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Supplemental Article - Github Create Project

The purpose of this article is to have a reference area on creating a new project on Github, first covered in the Web Page Display Intro. We will also cover how to get it to your computer.

The GitHub Side

Since we are using GitHub, it is time to ready our first project. Please log in, and create a new project with the New button.

GitHub New Button

Next, give a name, and choose if you want to allow others to be able to see the repository. As this is a tutorial series, I am using the name practical-programming-web-page-display-intro. You may name it something else if you want, so long as you can easily tell what it is for. I am making everything Public so that it can be viewed and used by others (though not changed directly), but if you want to keep it to yourself you can choose Private. We will also check Add a README file so that we have something available.

I am choosing a license of The Unlicense to allow others to do what they would like with it without restrictions. Most likely, you will not want this license for your projects.

After filling out the details, click the Create repository button, and you will see a screen similar to the following.

GitHub Repository Creation Example

Potential Issues

If, at any point, things are not working as planned please check the potential issues article, or search online with the error if it is not covered there.

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