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Blog Introduction


The purpose of this blog is to act as a repository of knowledge that we run across not simply while working in tech, but also throughout life. This will include things from what we believe to experiences with team structure to even how to assemble things that we have found. Michael really enjoys writing about things in the hopes that others can learn from his experiences just as he has from others.


The structure of the blog will be mostly arranged in the navigation menu either in series, or should enough happen in a time period that time period, and just like the rest of the site will be searchable from the search box. Other posts, such as this one, will remain at the top level as they are something people may be interested in before searching anywhere else.

Sometimes, there may be a series created, which should stay together sequentially. In this case, it will be under the series folder than organized in the order for that series.

Each post will have a clearly displayed list of tags at the bottom, to be more easily searchable.

In addition, each post should have a purpose and summary giving a bit more details beyond the title.

Blog Posts Elsewhere

Some blog posts will be posted not only here, but on other sites as appropriate.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and visit the site, we hope that you enjoyed it.

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