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About Us

Picture of Us - Taken by Susan Shull


The beginning

Michael Adsit Technologies, LLC was started by Michael Adsit Jr. shortly after college as a way to experiment and have fun as well as to have some practical examples to show potential clients. As someone who loves Jesus and technology, Michael was looking for ways to incorporate his abilities to help local businesses and churches while still maintaining an income for himself.

This allowed him to continue to help out with aging relatives and to teach a homeschool group in the area some web programming basics. Most clients came via word of mouth, with requests for proprietary programs that cannot be shared.

Michael goes corporate

After some family obligations died down, Michael purchased and fixed up his own house. As he was finishing up, he was praying for what to do and it felt like, "Whack! Take this job!" as a headhunter called and Michael got a job at a respected local company with a large tech team within a week.

Getting Married

Michael was anticipating paying off his house, losing a lot of weight, and finishing his personal statement of faith and beliefs before pursuing a Lady. However, the Lord had different plans and laid on Michael's heart and mind a name that would not leave his head - that of Ida Mae. About three months into his new position, Michael started courting Ida Mae, and nine months later with a lot of prayers and the Lord's intervention he moved from friend zone to married and received his first kiss.

2020 - Our Relaunch - Together

After a few years, many prayers, and many other steps following that, we have been given a green light to step away from the corporate world to work on a game. The Lord has done much to grow and prepare us for working together daily, and we look forward to seeing the results of a project that Ida Mae remembers Michael talking about since she has first known him.

We have worked on many things together, but this will be the first time working on anything like this together for us.

Our Hope

We don't know what the ending will be, but the Lord is good and this is the next step in our journey. The game will be revealed in the blog once it is a bit further along. Our personal hopes are that the Lord will use this to further His kingdom, as well as to allow us to finance a larger home in order to foster and adopt children one day soon.

We also hope that the blog will be a good learning resource.

About Michael by Ida Mae

Michael takes pride in his work, always striving to do his best because of his love for the Lord. Michael thinks like a computer, therefore he programs quickly and efficiently while looking for the best way to keep things secure and sustainable for the best user experience. I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord uses him during this next venture.

About Ida Mae by Michael

When I first married Ida Mae, I had assumed that I would not get to play video games as much, as she had not enjoyed them. However, since marriage, she has grown to enjoy them, especially Stardew Valley and Horizon Zero Dawn. (Editorial note - I was told that she gave them a chance because of how much she loves me.)

It has been great to get to know the Lord more through her as well as to grow in other interests and see how the opposite parts of our personalities have complimented each other.

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