Bubble Burst! Boom! Thwack!

This is a game that was designed to be a much more casual version of Tap Happy. It is a simple bubble popping game, but one in which the proper color must be popped. Beyond this, it has weapons which pop everything.

Bombs will literally destroy everything on screen, while a bow and arrow must be timed to shoot what you want to. Shuriken can be flung, and the pinwheel will blow all of the bubbles back to the bottom. Beyond this, spike balls can be dropped to destroy any bubble that dares to touch them.

In addition, this game utilizes Scoreloop in order to maintain a global high score board, as well as add social features, challenges, and the ability to support the game through getting extra backgrounds and music.

Disclaimer: This was originally created for Android 2.2 with the assumption of an SD Card being inserted, and is here for fun and legacy reasons.

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