About Me

I am a guy who loves Jesus and technology. Since I was five years old I have had the desire and drive to one day become a programmer.

Throughout high school, I learned object oriented programming through Visual Basic and Java, then went to the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay for a BS in Computer Science with a Math Minor.

While in college, I was involved with several on campus organizations including Campus Crusade for Christ and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Beyond this, I learned a lot of practical database and SQL skills while working in the corporate world including: interning at Integrys Energy Services as a Report Analyst, creating some reports for the school as well as doing some contracted work in SSRS and SSIS for a major company.

As for non-sql experience in the corporate world, I have done a little bit in ASP.net, but mainly I have worked on total development in PHP, SQL, and Java (computer and android).

Of course, in the non-corporate world I have learned much more, having worked with nearly every .net language as well as some physics and graphics engines. In addition, I have also interned at a game company as a debugger. Eventually I would like to open a game design company that produces games that can carry the "Christian" label without being poorly made. Instead, I believe that any game that carries said label should be made with better quality and be at least as fun as games that do not.

While I may not be able to open my own game company as of yet, I figure that producing quality products for low costs is a definite step in the right direction, as it allows me the freedom to work on what I would like to while at the same time giving me the opportunity to focus on things outside of a computer as well.

In fact, the background for this site was taken while I was out on a walk, enjoying God's creation. I enjoy walking, playing games of any sort, and just hanging out with friends.